101 AI Applications To Help Make Your Business a Success

101 AI Applications

According to a recent IBM Global AI Adoption Index report*, 54% of organisations use artificial intelligence to help them become more efficient and save money. 53% use AI to improve their IT performance and 48% say AI tools help them create better experiences for customers. But the fact is that AI can do – and […]

8 Top AI-Powered Video Editing & Production Tools

8 AI-Powered Video Tools - Apps & Websites Blog

While text-based content will always reign supreme, video is a crucial element for audience engagement. However, if you keep putting off video production, you’re not alone! Making and editing a video requires a lot more time, effort and know-how than creating and editing text-based content. And it can feel overwhelming.    But the truth is […]

Synthesia Makes Video Creation More Accessible for Small Businesses

Synthesia Makes Video Creation More Accessible for Small Businesses

Nearly three-quarters of today’s consumers say they’d rather watch a video from a brand than read text or scroll through an infographic. Why? Because video humanises a business. It engages on a deeper, more personal level, building stronger connections and facilitating more conversions. Yet despite this, many businesses are still shying away from video. The […]