Synthesia Makes Video Creation More Accessible for Small Businesses

Nearly three-quarters of today’s consumers say they’d rather watch a video from a brand than read text or scroll through an infographic. Why? Because video humanises a business. It engages on a deeper, more personal level, building stronger connections and facilitating more conversions.

Yet despite this, many businesses are still shying away from video.

The reason? Creating a video can be a huge drain on both time and budget.

Consider what can be involved in creating a professional video. Equipment. Actors. Studio space. The cost all adds up. And as all actors know, it takes a lot more than just one shot to get everything right. Doing this once? Not so bad. But what happens when you want to update your video? You need to go through the entire process all over again, reshooting to add new points, or to alter existing ones.

Ultimately, video just isn’t accessible to many organisations. Especially small businesses.

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could create a professional video in minutes, straight from an app?

You can, with Synthesia.


Synthesia: bringing synthetic media to your business

Synthesia is an award-winning AI video generation platform that uses AI avatars and digital voice cloning to transform your own script into a talking-head video. It’s a form of synthetic media software, and just like a ‘deepfake’, it means the actors aren’t really doing what they appear to be doing. They’re not even real people. It’s all achieved through artificial intelligence technologies.

Using Synthesia, anyone – regardless of their ability – can create videos for…

  • Employee training
  • Tutorials – one of the most popular video types in 2022
  • Marketing
  • Sales
  • Reporting
  • Onboarding
  • Product catalogues
  • Quizzes


… and more!

There are more than 100 different ‘actors’ to choose from, and over 60 video templates. So whatever type of message you want to deliver – and whoever it is you want to deliver it to – it should have you covered.

The web-based app comes with a built-in editor, where you can add text, images, shapes, animations, and practically anything else to make the video your own. The result is a high-quality video that can be shared with staff, prospects, customers, stakeholders, investors and media outlets.

The Synthesia team estimates that by using the tool, businesses can save themselves 80% of their time and budget. There’s no need to pay out for resources, and videos can be amended or updated within minutes, at any time, without needing to schedule and pay for an entire reshoot.


Getting more from Synthesia

Synthesia itself is impressive. So impressive, in fact, that it counts the likes of Amazon and the BBC among its users. However, there’s one process that the tool overlooks: the process of writing the video script. Synthesia assumes you have a script ready to go, so if you don’t, you might want to pair it with an AI-powered writing tool like,, or Writesonic. These tools can automatically generate text from a few basic prompts, providing you with a powerful script to feed into Synthesia.