Speed Up Your Content Creation with Copy.ai

How long does it take you to write a standard blog post for your website? Longer than you anticipated, right? That’s not surprising. Research shows that less than a quarter of content marketers are able to write an average-length blog post in under two hours. Most take between two and six hours, with roughly 19% admitting that they take even longer than that to complete the task.

The truth is that content creation isn’t quick. Especially at a time when content is a more important communicator than ever before. When leads and customers rely so heavily on content to shape their decision-making, getting it wrong isn’t an option. This means that content marketers are having to spend more time researching their audience and analysing behaviours to ensure they engage.

But there’s a problem here.

Marketers are spending too much time writing content, and not enough time promoting it.

Copy.ai introduces an innovative new way to speed up content creation.


What is Copy.ai?

Copy.ai is an artificial intelligence (AI) tool that uses natural language processing to craft unique and relevant content in moments. With just a few pointers from the user about what they’re looking for, Copy.ai scans the web for information, facts, and opinions. It then transforms this into legible content written in one of the 25 different languages that the tool has been trained to learn and understand.

‘Content’, to Copy.ai, means practically anything you can think of. It can generate blog posts, long-form content, digital ad copy, ecommerce and sales copy, social media content, and website content. All automatically, requiring just minimal input from the user, to save you hours of precious time.

Copy.ai can…

  • Free you and your team up for more involved tasks
  • Automate many aspects of your content creation workflow
  • Generate content that explores themes through a different set of eyes
  • Help businesses connect more closely with their audience
  • Empower organisations to publish more content, without increasing workload


How to use Copy.ai

Copy.ai offers a simple, no-frills dashboard, so it’s super quick and very easy to get started. There are just three steps that you’ll need to follow to start seeing auto-generated content from this AI tool:


Step 1: Determine what you’re trying to achieve

Copy.ai will ask you to enter the type of project you’re working on, or what you’re attempting to do. This could be anything from ‘write a product description’ to ‘advertise an offer for new customers’.


Step 2: Jot down some key points

You can provide as much – or as little – information as you like here. You may want to provide some themes, a structure, or some keywords. Ultimately, the more you put in, the higher quality the output.


Step 3: Identify your tone of voice

You’ll be asked to enter the tone of the content. This could be friendly, professional, informal, and so on. This helps Copy.ai to speak to your audience in a way that’s consistent with your brand.


Does Copy.ai replace content creators?

While Copy.ai is impressive, it’s important to remember that it’s still just a piece of software. It’s not human, and can’t add that human touch that a real person can. The idea of Copy.ai isn’t to replace content writers; it’s to assist them by automating some of their more time-consuming activities.

This is clear by the fact that the Copy.ai dashboard comes with a built-in editor, allowing you to fine-tune the output to your precise needs. Ultimately, Copy.ai means you’re not starting from scratch every time you want to create new content. You’re saving time by jumping in part of the way through.


Is it any good?

Copy.ai counts the likes of Microsoft and eBay among its customers. So if some of the biggest corporations in the world are using it, it’s probably doing its job. If you’re not sure about diving in, start by checking out some of Copy.ai’s free tools, like its email subject line or product description creator. This can give you a good feel for what it does before you make your final decision.