Your Social Media Strategy’s Secret Weapon

In a world where differentiation is the key to success, a creative mindset is essential. But as we all know, creativity isn’t a constant. Even the best creative teams can struggle sometimes. They might have an idea – but that’s the easy part. The hard part is turning that idea into a visual representation.

For example, maybe Halloween is coming up. During October, it’s certainly not difficult to think of a theme or idea for a social media post: something spooky. The challenge comes in doing something with that theme; in transforming it into a unique visual that attracts and engages the audience. It’s the same with a new product. You know you want to advertise it, but it’s not easy knowing how.

If all this sounds familiar, then may be able to help.


Meet your new creative partner is a social media post generation tool that’s powered by artificial intelligence, or AI. This means that it uses machine learning to understand what type of content a business is looking for, and automatically creates images, carousels, or videos that can be shared through social platforms.

The software can work in three different ways:

  • Share your ideas with, and have it design a social media post based on your concept
  • Integrate with your Shopify or WooCommerce store to automatically generate product posts
  • Upload your product catalogue to see unique designs inspired by your inventory


All needs is a few bits of information to get it started. You’ll need to enter a little bit about your business; just one line will do the job. You’ll also need to tell the software what your objective is – whether you’re looking to promote your business, advertise a product, or anything else – and the purpose of the post. Do you want to educate your audience, inspire them, inform them, or more?

When the tool has all this information, it analyses it and scans its library of over 10,000 creative options. This ensures that every post generated is relevant to your business, and 100% unique.


Is it really that simple?

Almost! estimates that the auto-generated posts it creates are roughly 80% ready. Of course, while the software excels at creating unique material, it doesn’t know your business inside and out. It can’t speak your language. It can’t talk to audiences in the way they expect your brand to communicate. knows that. It accepts its limitations, and even offers a solution: a drag-and-drop creative editor. This allows you to adjust the auto-generated creative so it’s more in line with your own brand.

Once you’re happy with the post, you can publish to Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and more, with a click of the button. Or use the built-in scheduling tool to make publishing even easier.


Say goodbye to creative block

We all get stuck for ideas sometimes. But there are two different ways we can handle it. We can waste time – and potentially lose out on grabbing new opportunities – by hitting our head against a wall. Or we can make use of some of the latest AI technologies on the market, saving us time and money.

It’s your call.