The Inside Story of ChatGPT’s Astonishing Potential – Greg Brockman TED Talk

The TED Talk by Greg Brockman, the President of OpenAI, provides insights into the current state and potential of AI, particularly focusing on ChatGPT.

Brockman discusses the collaboration between humans and AI, where humans provide oversight and feedback while the AI executes tasks.


“And one thing I believe really deeply, is that getting AI right is going to require participation from everyone. And that’s for deciding how we want it to slot in, that’s for setting the rules of the road, for what an AI will and won’t do.”


Through a live demo, he showcases how ChatGPT can generate detailed images of a suggested meal and how it can save information for later use.

Brockman highlights the idea of building tools for AI rather than solely for humans. He introduces a unified language interface that allows ChatGPT to select and utilise different tools without explicit instructions from the user. This approach simplifies the user experience by eliminating the need for users to specify every detail, and it enables the AI to perform tasks on their behalf.

He emphasises the importance of training AI through feedback and reinforcement. By teaching the AI how to use its skills effectively, it becomes more useful and able to generalize its knowledge to new scenarios. Brockman shares examples of how user feedback has been instrumental in improving the models, such as teaching the AI to double-check math problems.

Furthermore, he illustrates how ChatGPT can analyze and visualize data, providing a more interactive and exploratory experience compared to traditional spreadsheets. Users can upload data files and ask high-level questions, allowing the AI to infer user intent and generate insightful visualisations.

Brockman concludes by stating the need for collaboration and participation from everyone in shaping AI’s future. He believes that AI technology is different from what people anticipated and refers to the importance of AI literacy. He states, OpenAI’s release of ChatGPT aims to involve more people in the development and understanding of AI, aligning with their mission to ensure AI benefits all of humanity.


My key takeaway…

“This technology just looks different. Just different from anything people had anticipated.”