15 Useful ChatGPT Prompts for Web Developers

ChatGPT is one of the most exciting AI technologies available today, with the potential to drive significant changes in how businesses operate across practically every department. A prime example of generative AI, this tool analyses user prompts to create unique, tailored and creative responses. 

ChatGPT can be used for almost anything. Need to know how to use up a kilo of tomatoes before they start going soft? ChatGPT will suggest some tasty recipes. Want feedback on your latest report? ChatGPT will do that, too. 

But one of the most interesting applications for the Open AI software is, perhaps, web development. When used in development, ChatGPT could help businesses to…

  • Generate innovative new ideas for apps
  • Easily identify mistakes in cost
  • Quickly write test cases
  • Create documentation as needed
  • Identify common pitfalls when approaching projects
  • Develop ideas for blogs, articles, or social media posts
  • Train developers by helping them learn new skills and languages


Garbage in, garbage out

While ChatGPT is setting the AI and machine learning world alight, the important thing to remember is that it’s not magic. It’s intelligent, but it’s still not human. ChatGPT can be wrong. It has its limits. And sometimes – like every single one of us – it can forget what it’s supposed to be talking about. 

The trick to getting the best results from ChatGPT is to provide it with the best prompts. The more clear, concise, and specific information you put in, the higher the quality of the results you’ll get out. 

Of course, the exact prompt that’s best to use is one related to what you want to know. However, we’ve curated a list of 15 excellent web development-related prompts as some initial inspiration:

  1. I want you to share 5 tips for new web developers 
  2. I want you to explain this code to me
  3. I want you to tell me if this code is safe for running in a production environment
  4. I want you to provide feedback and help me improve this code
  5. I want you to optimise this function
  6. I want you to provide unit tests for this script
  7. I want you to write a Linux command to display the server name
  8. I want you to re-write this code using Yahoo! Finance API
  9. I want you to debug this code
  10.  I want you to tell me how to deploy a flask server 
  11.  I want you to explain Python in simple terms
  12.  I want you to provide a blog topic about web development
  13.  I want you to convert this Java source code into Python
  14.  I want you to provide an idea for a new customer service application
  15.  I want you to tell me the basic syntax for Java


Why use ChatGPT?

Using these sorts of prompts – and any others you can think of – ChatGPT holds the key to transforming your business’ web development team, maximising efficiency, and creating better, more positive experiences for your employees.

ChatGPT can help developers achieve what they need quicker than ever, freeing them up for innovation and greater productivity. It can have a significant impact on your users, too, empowering your developers to create better apps that work brilliantly.