Meet Jasper: The Advanced AI Tool Generating Your Next Blog Topic

By now, most businesses understand the important role that content marketing plays in attracting, engaging, and delighting audiences.

A well-optimised blog doesn’t just ensure your website is showing up for relevant searches in Google. It also helps demonstrate your expertise, and keeps visitors coming back. There’s just one problem: it’s not always easy to know what to write about. 


Writer’s block? It happens to everyone

If you’ve ever been stuck wondering what to write about, you’re not alone. In fact, finding ideas for creating new content is consistently cited as one of the biggest challenges facing content marketers

Knowing what your target audience is searching for, and building a list of keywords, is a good starting point. The challenge comes in developing engaging, relevant stories around those popular terms. 

The good news? Jasper’s here to help.


Introducing Jasper: your well of creativity

Jasper is an artificial intelligence (AI) tool that generates engaging and relevant topic ideas for you to build upon. By providing just a few pieces of information about your organisation, industry, products or keywords, Jasper automatically returns a number of possible ideas for you to choose from. It’s your always-on idea generator that can come up with ideas faster than you can say ‘writer’s block’. 

Jasper can enable you to…

  • Save time, generating a selection of potential ideas for your next blog post in just seconds
  • Consider topics and subjects that you’d never thought of writing about before
  • Learn more about what your audience really wants to see when they visit your website
  • See things from a different perspective, and uncover new angles and points of view
  • Create unique articles based on AI-powered insight, assessment, and evaluation
  • Provide your website visitors with stories that they won’t find anywhere else


How does Jasper work?

Jasper is one of hundreds of tools utilising GPT-3 powered search. GPT-3 stands for Generative Pre-Trained Transformer 3, and it’s an advanced model that enables AI software to analyse language.

By providing Jasper with a few simple prompts, the tool is able to scan existing web content and identify the themes, sentiments, and emotions within that content. It looks at what keywords are typically used together, as well as what keywords have been used excessively. This allows Jasper to return a list of potential topics that are relevant, yet aren’t just a rehash of what’s already out there. 


Using Jasper for idea generation

While the underlying mechanics of Jasper are advanced and complex, using the tool is simple. ‘Blog post topic ideas’ is a ready-made template within Jasper, so all you have to do is enter the relevant information to guide the AI towards the most suitable content on the web. You’ll be asked to enter…

  • Company name
  • Product description
  • Audience
  • Tone of voice
  • Keywords
  • Examples (include previous blog posts you’ve already published, as well as competitor titles)

The more information you feed in, the better the results you’ll get out. 


Help when you need it most

Powerful content marketing isn’t just about publishing content; it’s about consistently publishing high-quality content. And even if you’re only aiming for two new posts per month, it gets tricky. 

Jasper is a way of beating the frustration, and magically generating a list of great ideas to choose from; ideas that you – or your content partner – can turn into personalised, branded blog posts.